– Top 4 MarTech to Include in Your 2023 Strategy

2023 has just begun and is undoubtedly one of the most important years for all of us who love marketing technology and here we bring you four of those trends that you should include in your 2023 strategy.

  1. Data collection. Big data is especially important for companies and the first trend to highlight, within the area of digital marketing are the activities of data collection, form design, which can be used to acquire customer data that could modify the launch of your next product or service. In addition to serving to have a greater connection and engagement with the user. It also has a higher success rate in acquiring relevant data for conversion.
  2. Email marketing. We already know the newsletter, those emails that arrive on diverse topics, the content is of such value that at some point the recipients pay to receive them. The email arrives to each user who decides when to open and read it, unlike social networks based on algorithms. One of the wonderful things is to be able to segment the database which brings with it possibilities such as creating audience groups among people who have already bought something or who have not yet done so but might do so because they have opened your email. Platforms that seek simplicity in design or sending have become popular, if you are interested in knowing more about this topic, do not miss it: Things to have in mind when sending an email
  3. Video first. With the video can keep the interest of a viewer longer than in an organic or paid publication of any social network, the video first has become a key area in social media marketing. Live streaming also promises to be an excellent marketing strategy. When combined with influencers, live streaming allows potential buyers to interact with advocates/experts who are familiar with the product, discuss its advantages, and even some of its minor disadvantages, and make a purchase while watching the video.
  4. No-code as the go-to for digital marketing. No-code has become crucial for companies of all types, solutions can be created to make web pages, workflows without writing a single line of code. In 2023, solutions such as the creation of landing pages will grow to more complex use cases, such as the creation of a membership directory or data analysis.

Undoubtedly technology advances exponentially, added to the world of marketing and digital marketing is undoubtedly something incredible and that we all want to see how it advances as this year progresses, to improve even our lifestyle.

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