– Fear Marketing 👻

Fear marketing is based on the “FOMO” (Fear of missing out) principle.

Using fear marketing is more about generating a sense of urgency in the audience, but we can use tools such as social media and technology and here we will tell you all about it.

To use it correctly you need to know the following, there are several types of fear.

  • Personal fears: pain, death, asking for a job, animals, a place, etc,
  • Social fear: rejection, loneliness, isolation, etc.
  • Irrational fear: spirits, ghosts, the devil, extraterrestrial life, etc.
  • It is precisely these sensations that many companies look for to make users buy their products.

Imagine that in an advertisement for a cleaning company they enter your house to do a test in your kitchen.

The commercial will compare your kitchen cleaning it with your usual detergent, versus its product. The result will be that your kitchen will be dirty, even when you have cleaned it.

They will tell you that it is dirty and can harm your health, and the health of your children due to all those bacteria that are in your kitchen. And that according to the study, you need to change your detergent for theirs, which does eliminate most bacteria.

What they say is true, but we will not focus on that, but on the word’s “health” and “children”.They literally tell you that, if you don’t buy their product, your children may get sick because of the poor hygiene that may exist in your kitchen, where you prepare food. And what parents want their children to get sick?

Applying in another sector another clear example of fear marketing.

Political campaigns use it constantly. They use phrases like “if you don’t vote me, the country will go bankrupt” or “My political is the best solution for the country” among many others. And you really start to question “If we don’t vote for him, will the country go into chaos?

This kind of phrases make you enter into a state of doubt and uncertainty, characteristics that we mentioned about Fear Marketing.

You can use this strategy, not to use it maliciously, but to help you drive and achieve your objectives.

You can use it in your email marketing strategy, promoting offers to your database but only available for 24 hours, maybe not causing chaos in your customers, but the feeling of need and scarcity. Who doesn’t think twice when they see a limited offer? What if it doesn’t come back on promotion? What if it goes up again?

Fear marketing is a very powerful strategy and not everyone agrees to implement it, as it has a fine line of completely pleasing or displeasing your brand.

If you are interested in implementing a marketing strategy and you are afraid of not knowing which one to implement, at Quaxar we not only support you with your design, but we also advise you on the best strategy for you.

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