– CRM and Inbound Marketing: The perfect complement

Are you implementing an Inbound Marketing strategy, but you feel you’re not getting the results you should or could even have better ones? We don’t think you’re wrong with the method, but you may be missing the star tool, a CRM platform.

In order to successfully implement the Inbound methodology, it is necessary to know the leads in detail, so that they can be effectively and efficiently accompanied during their purchase decision process. The information needed for this accompaniment can be stored in a CRM platform and then used intelligently according to the user profile.

In order to understand and leave no doubt about the importance of a CRM in the inbound methodology, let’s quickly review the concepts of each one.


It is a software or platform through which customer relationships are managed, which unifies, centralizes, and organizes all transactions of each of the customers with the company. This information that is managed can be used for 3 benefits:

1-Detect opportunities

When it comes to prospects who are not customers yet, this tool allows you to know each potential buyer, but above all it provides information about:

  • Demographic data
  • Details of your occupation and education
  • Exchanges you have made with the company to identify your inquiries and interests
  • Preferred communication channels

In addition, this tool stores information on all customers, making it easier to identify inactive customers. By identifying inactive users, it opens the possibility of expanding opportunities for reconnection and can generate recovery strategies for customers who no longer relate to the brand, but could do so again.

2-Generate more sales by helping current customers with their concerns

If you know your current customers well, it is easier to solve any doubts or consultation, and you can also get to know their needs in greater detail in order to make purchasing decisions or to move forward in the funnel.

The CRM manages information on:

  • Transactions carried out, including products and services contracted
  • Consultations, requests and other interactions with the company
  • Personal and professional information
  • Demographic data
  • Interaction through digital channels
  • Commercial agreements that have been maintained to date

3-Manage information on actions and results of the sales team and customers

All the data and information organized and managed in the platform allows to obtain general analytics about customers, such as: purchase profile of each type of product/service, best-selling products, customers with more purchases, profitable customers, etc.

It also allows to identify:

  • The best performing sales teams
  • Top salespeople, even filtering by products
  • Sales generated by customer segment
  • Sales results generated in each channel

Inbound Marketing

The purpose of this technique is to make sales, but not in the traditional way, but rather through the offer of company and valuable information for the user, and that this can be used to finally make the purchase decision. This technique should be implemented from the first contact with the interested.

Inbound marketing allows you to:

  • Obtain more qualified traffic, translating it into greater sales opportunities
  • Generate consumers closer to the brand
  • Transform users from interested to buyer, from buyer to loyal customer, from loyal customer to fan, and finally from fan to spokesperson and recommend the brand
  • Obtain more leads faster

All the information that Inbound Marketing can have to generate greater personalization and better results, but without using invasive techniques, is offered by CRM. The CRM can increase its database and information with the results of all the actions that are thrown from the Inbound Marketing.

As you can see, CRM and Inbound Marketing work uniquely individually, but if you put them together they complement each other perfectly and above all they leverage each other more than ever for better benefits.

Now is the time to integrate a CRM to your strategy, if you need support remember that we are here to provide you with the advice you need, don’t wait any longer!

Information source: www.marianocabrera.com/crm-e-inbound-marketing/