– How to create effective landing pages with Hubspot

Landing pages is a web page designed specifically for one purpose, to convert visitors into leads.

This type of pages help us to convert users into end customers, hence the importance of getting your landing page to really convert your customer. Here we tell you how to do it through HubSpot.

Steps to create a paid landing page in HubSpot

1. From your dashboard, go to the Marketing – Landing Pages tab.

2. Click on the ‘Create’ button in the Landing pages section.

3. Name your project and choose where your landing page will be hosted.4. Select a template, they are ready to edit or if you prefer you can create your own design template.

5. Start editing your landing page! Hubspot is a very easy to use tool thanks to its graphical components that editing is not a problem. You can also view it from a mobile perspective and adjust it to the way you want it.


6. Once finished editing our landing page we can adjust the parameters of our lading page:

  • Page title (must reflect the page content and include keywords with a maximum length of 70 characters).
  • We can modify the URL of the page
  •  Images that illustrate the landing page.

In the case of the Campaign section, it must be associated to an active campaign within HubSpot.

And finally complete the Meta description field with no more than 150 characters in length, do not forget the keywords as it is your letter of introduction in browsers.

  • One of the advantages of HubSpot is that before you want to publish you have a section called “Optimize” where you can see the suggestions from HubSpot so that your landing page can be done in the best way and solve each point so that our page is better optimized.


  1. Ready to publish!

HubSpot has publishing options, either publish now, or schedule it for later and we can also cancel the publication of the page on a specific date. 

When you create a landing page in Hubspot you can customize the content, forms and CTAs according to your needs.

If you are interested in the topic or need help to implement your marketing strategy and landing pages you can contact us and we will give you all the support you need, we are experts in the subject!